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2019 - Registration Form  - Sail St Andrews, Inc.

(one form per sailor) – please print clearly in black ink

Sailer’s name:

Birth Date (d/m/y):

Parent/Guardian name(if applicable):

home phone:

email:                                                cell phone:


work  phone:  

Mailing address:  

Summer address/phone #:  

Swimming experience/level:  

indicate preferred class - see dates below 

Previous sailing experience:  

Medical Information

Health card #:

Heath card type:  

Family Physician:

Physician phone:

Emergency contact #1: (name & phone number)

Emergency contact #2: (name & phone number)

Does sailer have allergies?  If yes, please list:  

Are medications being taken? If yes, please list all medications:

Please list medical conditions you feel we should be aware of:  

Please list any restrictions on physical activities:

Additional information and/or comments:

Fee due 1 week before the first day of class ($50 downpayment due upon registration):  $275 (Junior), $350 (adult)– cheques payable to Sail St Andrews Inc.

Registrations received without payment will not be processed.  Post dated cheques are not accepted.

Cheques  returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will be subject to a $40 bank processing fee.

Cash registrations will only be accepted in person.

Registration & Payment:

It is the intent of the Learn to Sail Program that all applicants/sailors be treated fairly.  The following are intended to promote an equal opportunity for all applicants:

    •    All Sail St Andrews openings will be filled on a first come first served basis.  

    •    Registrations will not be processed unless accompanied by a downpayment of $50, and fully completed and signed forms –   Registration,  Medical,  Acknowledgment and Release Form and Photograph Release Form. (Both pages 1 & 2)

    •    There will be no refunds a week prior to the first day of class.
    •    Please fill out separate forms for each child or adult and be sure you return all signed forms with your registration.

    •    SAIL ST. ANDREWS, Inc reserves the right to move sailors into any group as necessary.


Sail St Andrews at Turtle Shore Adventures, 24 King street, St Andrews, E5B 1Y2

2019 – Junior youth classes:  Basic July 22-26,  Advanced July 29-August 2.

2019 – Adult classes:  Call to set dates with instructor.

Acknowledgment and Release Form – For Youth – 2019

(one form per sailor)

I/We, _________________________________________________________________________am/are

the parents(s) or guardian(s) of, _______________________________________________________, a minor child who is registered in the youth sailing program of  SAIL ST. ANDREWS Inc

I/We acknowledge that:

    •    I/We have read and fully understand the SAIL ST. ANDREWS Information Guide for Sailors and Parents and have informed my child of such and am satisfied that he/she understands them and agrees to be bound by them.

    •    I/We acknowledge and agree that there are inherent risks to personal safety in water-based activities such as sailing, and that some risk remains notwithstanding all due regard for safety and the taking of proper precautions.  I/We accept these risks for myself/ourselves on behalf of my child.

In consideration of the above and the admission or my/our child to the SAIL ST. ANDREWS youth sailing program, we, the undersigned, release, hold harmless, and forever discharge SAIL ST. ANDREWS Inc., its employees, directors, successors and assigns, from all actions, causes of action, damages, claims and demands whatever which we have or which we, our heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns may have either independently or on behalf of our child, against SAIL ST. ANDREWS Inc., its employees, successors and assigns, by reason of, or arising out of the participation of __________________________________________ (a minor child) in the SAIL ST. ANDREWS youth sailing program, or by reason of any other cause, matter or thing whatever existing or arising during my child’s participation in the SAIL ST. ANDREWS youth sailing program.

And further, I/We agree to indemnify SAIL ST. ANDREWS Inc., its employees, directors, successors and assigns, against all actions, damages, claims and demands which may be brought against it on behalf of my/our child in respect of or arising out of the participation of my/our child in the SAIL ST. ANDREWS youth sailing program and again any loss arising there from.

I/We have read over this document and understand that it is a full and final release of all claims for damages or injuries, and have read over the agreement to indemnify and understand the responsibilities which we have assumed hereunder.

In witness whereof, we have set our hands this _________________________________________, 2019.


________________________________________           ______________________________________

Sailor’s Signature                    Parent or Guardian’s Signature

_________________________________________    _______________________________________

Witness                            Witness

Release for Photographs

I give my permission to photograph my child, and the perpetual and non-exclusive right to use my child’s image in communications (website, newsletter, etc.) produced by Sail St. Andrews Inc. and others in support of the Sail St. Andrews youth sailing program. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished communications. I understand and agree that there will be no monetary compensation for such use.

In witness whereof, we have set our hands this _________________________________________, 2019


________________________________________           ______________________________________

Sailor’s Signature                    Parent or Guardian’s Signature

_________________________________________    _______________________________________

Witness                            Witness


Sail St Andrews, 1-24 King street, St Andrews, NB  E5B 1Y2. 

General Information and Policies of Sail St Andrews – For Youth – 2019

Sailor/Parent Agreement

In an effort to provide a superior program, we require that both sailors and parents have read and understand all the information contained in this information package and agree to comply with the requirements set forth herein.

Age Restriction

Sailors must be at least 9 years of age to participate in the sailing program at SAIL ST. ANDREWS.  

Supervision of Sailors after Class

SAIL ST. ANDREWS students will be brought back the St. Andrews Wharf after class and it is expected that their parent or guardian will be there to pick them up at that time.  Any students remaining after hours will not be supervised by SAIL ST. ANDREWS and shall be the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian.  On those occasions where the SAIL ST. ANDREWS program may be extended this will not apply.

First Aid

SAIL ST. ANDREWS requires its instructors to have a standard first aid course. They do not have training with special needs childhood education. They are not medically trained personnel and therefore they cannot be responsible for the dispensing of any medication or treatments other than first aid.

Safe Sailing Policies

    •    CCG approved life jacket or PFD must be worn at all time when on or near the water.

    •    Sailors must wear clothing appropriate for weather condition and have a change of clothing.

    •    Footwear must be worn at all times.  Sandals are not permitted while sailing or launching boats.

    •    Waterproof sunscreen is required.

    •    UV sunglasses and hats or visors are recommended.

    •    Sailors must be able to swim 25 meters, wearing sailing clothing & equipment.

    •    Wet suits are permitted but not in lieu of PFDs or life jackets.

    •    All sailors must respect the Sail St. Andrews Rules and Code of Conduct.

Sailor’s Code of Conduct

The Sailor’s Code of Conduct has been developed to let you, the sailors, know how the instructors expect you to act during your time in the SAIL ST. ANDREWS program.  Appropriate behaviour will allow you to become well-rounded, self-confident sailors.  We here at SAIL ST. ANDREWS expect the highest level of sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play, and good behaviour.  As a member of this team you represent SAIL ST. ANDREWS, your class, and your family.  Your behaviour, either on or off the water, should be to maintain this level of sportsmanship and conduct, and make other sailors proud to be a part of this organization.  The use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco of any kind, by any participant, at any time, is strictly prohibited.

In order to achieve this we ask you to follow these guidelines:

    •    Sail for the fun and love of the sport.  Enjoy yourself.

    •    Work hard to improve your skills.

    •    Listen, ask questions, and watch others to see how you can better your skills

    •    Learn teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, confidence and self-control.

    •    Be a team player – get along with your teammates.

    •    Appreciate the contribution that each person makes to the team.

    •    Learn the rules and play by them.  

    •    Always be a good sport and set a positive example for other, especially younger sailors.

Sailor’s Code of Conduct continued on page 4..........

Sailor’s Code of Conduct continued……..

We expect you to:

    •    Use good language – the use of profanity, obscene language or obscene gestures in not permitted.

    •    Respect your instructor/coach, your fellow participants, opponents and official.  The rules of the Canadian Yachting Association and SAIL ST ANDREWS, INC. are to be observed by all.  Absolutely on unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated.  The sailor must realize that he/she represents a fairness in competition.

    •    Be on time for sessions.

    •    Attend regularly – you need to develop your individual skills, sailing fundamentals, as well as develop team discipline, unity, spirit, commitment and loyalty.

    •    NEVER participate in any physical violence, fighting etc. during any SAIL ST. ANDREWS events, under any circumstances.

    •    If you do not follow the Sailor’s Code of Conduct, depending on the severity and the regularity of the violation, any one of the following may occur at the discretion of the Executive Director (Leigh Beaton):

    •    Sailor suspended for one (1) day

    •    Sailor Suspended for balance of session

    •    Sailor suspended for summer

Please understand that the enforcement of this policy is to encourage commitment by the sailor to his/her class and SAIL ST. ANDREWS.

Expectations of Parents and Guardians

Since SAIL ST. ANDREWS sets high expectations for their participants, we feel it only fair that we apply the same standards to parents and guardians.  We also need your help for our program to succeed.  By setting a good example for our sailors, you exemplify our expectations of sportsmanship and fair play.

We ask parents and guardians to:

    •    Encourage your child to play by the rules. Remember, children learn best by example.

    •    Make their participation fun.  Support their desire to sail or play the sport of their choosing.

    •    Show a positive attitude toward the SAIL ST. ANDREWS youth sailing program and all of its participants.

    •    Emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit your young athlete.

    •    Applaud a good effort in victory and in defeat and enforce the positive points of the game.

    •    Work toward removing all physical and verbal abuse in youth sports.  Adopt a “Zero Tolerance” attitude.

    •    Familiarize yourself with the materials required for your child’s participation in the SAIL ST. ANDREWS youth sailing program.

Additionally, we always welcome feedback from you.  We ask that if you have any complaints that you follow this chain of command:

    •    Address your concerns with your child’s instructor/coach.  If you are not satisfied that the issue has been addressed then,

    •    Take your concerns to the board of directors – listed on the website.  If you are still not satisfied that the issue has been addressed then,

Following these guidelines promotes respect and trust within the program and its staff.

Equipment Policy

The SAIL ST. ANDREWS program follows a strict user pay Equipment Usage Policy.  This Policy is to be used with regard to damage to boats and lost or damaged equipment or other property of SAIL ST. ANDREWS or on loan to SAIL ST. ANDREWS.

1.  Boat Damage with other boats (moored, docked or sailing), docks shoreline or other obstructions will result in a hearing to determine the facts.  If the sailor(s) are found to have intentionally caused the damage or were negligent then they will pay for all repairs.  The SAIL ST. ANDREWS staff will notify all involved sailors and parents of the incident and of any decisions requiring payment.

2.  Lost or damaged equipment (including property of SAIL ST. ANDREWS) will usually be assigned to the sailors using the equipment or to their class.  In these situations the sailor(s) or class responsible for the equipment will share the replacement or repair expense.  Equipment that has failed due to normal usage will be repaired or replaced by SAIL ST. ANDREWS.

3.  Boat Inspection will be conducted by the Instructors on a regular basis and when equipment is signed in/out.  If a sailor is aware of any items on the boats or equipment that is not in proper working condition, the sailors should notify their instructor immediately.  This is so repairs can be made right away and that the sailors are not held responsible for something that they did not do.

These are one week classes – approximately 40 hrs spread over 5-6 days weather co-operating.   Daily times are usually 9 am – 4 pm.  Instructor will provide details.

Sail St. Andrews recommends the following to bring each day:

    •    Lunch including some fruit and extra drinks. Lunch will be eaten at Navy Island or on the scow.

    •    Water, one litre container ( A good idea is to fill it up a quarter full and freeze it, then fill it in the morning and it stays cool most of the day).

    •    Sunscreen, usually SPF 30 for your body and SPF 30 or 45 for your face.

    •    Sunglasses with 100% UVA & UVB protection.

    •    A hat or visor with a clip or twine so it can be tied to your PFD and (hopefully) you won’t lose it.

    •    Fast drying, soft soled shoes (not dark soles) and a second pair of shoes that you won’t get wet.

    •    A large beach towel and bathing suit.

    •    At least one complete change of warm clothes including sweatshirts, track pants, windbreaker jacket and raingear.

    •    A small notepad and pencil.

    •    Finally, a bag (backpack or gym bag) that you can fit everything into.  If your bag doesn’t have a separate spot for wet stuff, the pack a couple of grocery bags so you can keep your dry stuff dry!



Sail St Andrews, 1-24 King street, St Andrews, NB   E5B 1Y2       PLEASE KEEP PAGES 3, 4 AND 5 FOR YOUR RECORDS